WES IA Announced as 3rd Quarter ABCD Honoree

Each quarter we recognize one of our support staff members who has gone Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. Anyone throughout the division is invited to submit nominations. A panel reviews the nominees and selects the quarterly winners. Our 2023-2024 3rd quarter ABCD Award winner is Tila Fly, Instructional Assistant at Windsor Elementary for Special Education Inclusion.

The nomination for Ms. Fly stated:  Mrs. Fly is a HUGE asset to all of the teachers at Windsor Elementary, not just the ones who are lucky enough to work with her directly.    At the beginning of the year when Promethean Boards were installed in numerous classrooms, Mrs. Fly took it upon herself to watch training videos about the boards and the go around and show teachers aspects of the boards that she thought they would be able to use the most. She already had experience using them from 3rd grade the year prior and since the new boards were a bit different, she wanted to learn about the new features and show others the features she knew we'd use the most. Mrs. Fly even helps organize our annual "Turkey Trot" for the entire school. On top of all this, whenever Mrs. Fly covers classes, even if for the tiniest span of time, teachers know that our rules/routines/plans, etc. will be followed without any hiccups or issues that she can't handle. She is smart and creative and everyone benefits from being near Mrs. Fly.  She is also a great cheerleader for students. Mrs. Fly works with and gives attention to all students. She takes an active part in their education. She'll jump in during a lesson and help explain it in easier terms, when needed, which helps everyone. She also celebrates students when they make 100% on ST Math. She buys them candy and prints off certificates for their achievement.  There is no difference in the way she treats her special needs students versus any student in the room.  She is a blessing to everyone who's near her. 

 As part of her award, Mrs. Fly received a $50 Visa gift card thanks to the generous support of The Smithfield Woman’s Club. She also received a personalized plaque created in the Smithfield High School Maker Space.